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David Pemberton

Music Producer, Recording, Mixing, Editing

Dave has been working in top end studios for his whole life, starting out on his first SSL in 1990 at Jacob’s Studios in Surrey, before moving on to The Strongroom in London, where he stayed for 16 years as house engineer with Strongroom Producer Management, working both from their studios in London. and in various studios, right across the world. gaining lots of experience.

From the version session with Mike Pickering of M-People, through to the Spice Girls first album, and Prodigy’s Fat of The Land, mixing Superstylin and many other Groove Armada hits. Dave also mixed the first ever 5.1 music album with Orbital and mixed numerous Live concert DVD’s with bands such as Motorhead, Goldfrappe, Kasabian, Ash, The Scissor Sisters, and even The Shadows farewell concert.

Dave left The Strongroom in 2006 to go and work over at Sarm Studios, with Liam Howlett of The Prodigy as the engineer on the Invaders Must Die album having previously co-produced a couple of tracks on Always Outnumbered. Dave then had his own studio in West London and was part of the chill-out band Kinobe, working on adverts and syncs while also recording and mixing with bands such as The Fedz, Trampoline, The King Blues, Fecky and the Section Boys, Zdot to name a few.